BOB #middleschool #tweensandteens

Featuring middle school students at Rogue Pack / Jason Lee Elementary SUN School and girls at Boys & Girls Aid

Directed by Nelda Reyes and Danielle Pecoff

Who's Bob? Why do we hear so much about Bob from our youth today? Come and find out all about the real true meaning of Bob straight from the mouths and minds of those who know and experience Bob first hand every day.
Written and performed by middle school students from Jason Lee K-8 and special guests, girls 12-17 from Boys & Girls Aid.  And learn all about BOB!

Jan 29 &30 at 7:30pm

Sellwood Playhouse: 901 SE Spokane St

Reception and mingle after the show Jan. 30th with food and drink donated by...

Bob defines family on their own terms. Find out what Bob REALLY thinks of social media, family, school and the foster care system. And learn all about BOB!

This project made possible by a grant from