Haunted House: Trust No One! Spooky Stories From “At Risk” Teen Girls

WHERE:       Sellwood Playhouse, 901 SE Spokane, Portland, OR97202
WHEN:          HALLOWEEN NIGHT Monday Oct. 31, 6:30-8:30 p.m. (tour 15 min.)
TICKETS:     $5 at the door only (includes treats!)

Tours every 15 min. for adults and children 10 and up.  All ages welcome in theatre space for treats and music!


Rogue Pack creates a site-specific theatre piece at the Haunted Sellwood Playhouse! Receive a tour of Rogue Pack's new home and find out about its mysterious history AND stories from girls in foster care. Featuring girls 10-17 from Boys & Girls Aid.

Rogue Pack's new home, the Sellwood Playhouse was built in 1913 making it one of Sellwood's historic sites. Before it was a theatre, it had been a church since 1975. What was it before that? Find out at Rogue Pack's first ever haunted house, Oct. 31st in our new home on 901 SE Spokane. Rogue girls ages 10-17 will tell their stories of mystery and suspense as they lead you in a tour of the house and unveil its mysterious past...


Rogue Pack 2016-17 Season Programs

2016Workshop led by Girl Be Heard with youth from Boys & Girls Aid and White Shield

Boys & Girls Aid workshop begins September 12, 2016: We will be devising a site specific piece comprised of the girls' stories for a haunted house on October 31. This year's program is so good, it's scary! Boo!

SUN After School Program at Madison High School begins September 27, 2016: These teens start preparing in the Fall to perform at Multicultural Night in May 2017.

NEW! MacLaren Youth Correctional Facility playwright group: facilitated by Francesca Piantidosi. The Fertile Ground Festival 2017 will be written by the incarcerated boys ages 12-24 of MacLaren Correctional Facility and performed on the Rogue Pack stages by local actors.