[RP] is an outstanding theatre program...[RP] classes have connected with middle school youth who typically have a hard time feeling successful at school. They gained many skills and are able to learn in alternative ways. The curriculum is rigorous and exciting and I hope to keep them working with our students.
— Rebecca Wood, SUN School site manager at Jason Lee Elementary
The Rogue Pack Program was a fantastic addition to our Residential Treatment Groups. It gave our girls a space to explore who they were, laugh, take healthy risks, build self-esteem and feel successful. I highly enjoyed seeing the transformation in the girls from day 1 where they were resistant to participating and scared to the final production where they were full of confidence and proud.
— JOY LEISING Pettygrove Program Coordinator

[Rogue Pack] has had an extremely positive impact on the emotional and physical well-being of the girls served here. Rogue Pack motivates teen girls to go out of their comfort zone and try acting, reading and writing scripts, and even developing their own play to share with the community. Our clients can be very hesitant in trying new things and especially hesitant in trusting community members and adults they do not know. Rogue Pack creates a safe and fun environment for vulnerable youth to build confidence and develop skills that they have never used before. Every girl served here has their own story and Rogue Pack gives them a forum to share that story. Rogue Pack encourages girls to work together and motivate one another to their fullest potential.
— ELIZABETH VROORMAN Program Director Boys & Girls Aid

It was a true pleasure to work with the Rogue Pack team. They bring a super high level of professionalism and energy with them every day and our youth benefited greatly from the experience.
— WILLIAM KENDALL p:ear Art Program Coordinator



“... A raw and heartbreaking show that cast a bright, unfiltered light on the young adults living on city streets.”