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We are so proud of Monique Peloquin pictured with Rogue Pack ED Ann Singer and Intern Danielle Yao. Mo was the scholarship recipient this year; she won a full scholarship to attend Teens Rise Up! Leadership Summer Intensive at the Process Institute through Rogue Pack.

Rogue Pack has begun a new partnership with Donald E. Long Juvenile Detention Center. Thank you to the following foundations for helping to fund this new program

For an overview of Rogue Pack programs, workshops and performances take a look at this short video:

In progress: mask workshop at Boys & Girls Aid with guest artists Emily Newton & Jeff Desautels.



We are Rogue Pack. 

Roaming the Portland area as nonprofit creative facilitators of under served youth, Rogue Pack encourages self-expression and instills confidence and joy in our young people through storytelling and theatre.

We build community partnerships that enable our youth to take control of their stories and ignite their creativity, from the dramatic to the downright hilarious, where hopeless becomes hopeful and the impossible becomes very much possible.

Inspired by OR-7, the infamous wandering wolf now happily at home with a den in Oregon, we support those lone souls looking for their pack, community support and creative expression, and a little team howling.

We’d love your support.  Be a Rogue—join the Pack!



From community partners to grant foundations, supporting businesses and media, there’s a palpable sense of excitement that Rogue Pack is making an impact with young people and our Portland area communities.  And with your help, there’s even greater room to roam.

A raw and heartbreaking show that cast a bright, unfiltered light on the young adults living on city streets.
— "Maybe It's Because... (I'm so Versatile)," Fertile Ground 2015
They bring a super high level of professionalism and energy with them every day, and our youth benefited greatly.
Each performer gets the chance to shine, to add her voice to what, by the end of the show, is a veritable chorus of empowerment, strength, and sass.
— "Stories: From Teen Girls in Transition," Fertile Ground 2014