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Rogue Pack receives Mary Brand Award for youth theatre!

June 13, 2022

THE $3,000 MARY BRAND AWARD FOR YOUTH THEATRE has been awarded to ROGUE PACK Youth. Thank you Portland civic Theatre Guild! RP Youth will devise and produce a silent film written by teens in Oregon Youth Authority custody from Janus Youth Programs and young people experiencing homelessness at HomePlate Youth Services. ANY child enrolled in a Rogue Pack Collective class at Sellwood Community House will be welcome to appear in the film. Sign up for class NOW!

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Rogue Pack is a non-profit theatre School in the Sellwood neighborhood of Portland, OR.

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We facilitate writing and performance instruction where youth write their stories, devise a script, and create a show culminating in a public performance, as both performers and behind-the-scenes technicians. 

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The Pack

Our outreach program for underserved, disconnected and low income youth.

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The Collective

Paid classes that directly support the community outreach of The Pack.

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Rogue Pack is an outstanding theatre program... [RP] classes have connected with middle school youth who typically have a hard time feeling successful at school. The curriculum is rigorous and exciting and I hope to keep them working with our students.

Sun School at Jason Lee Elementary

Rogue Pack gave our girls a space to explore who they were, laugh, take healthy risks, build self-esteem, and feel successful. I highly enjoyed seeing the transformation in the girls from day one when they were resistant to participating and scared to the final production where they were full of confidence and proud.

Pettygrove Program

It was a true pleasure to work with the Rogue Pack team. They bring a super high level of professionalism and energy with them every day and our youth benefited greatly from the experience.

Pear Art Program

A raw and heartbreaking show that cast a bright, unfiltered light on the young adults living on city streets.

Oregonian Staff Writer

Rogue Pack was a great benefit to the youth giving them not only school credit but the opportunity to learn skills such as communication and team building that can help them to be successful when they return to their communities.

Multnomah County Department of Community Justice

Throughout the sessions, we watch our youth visibly grow and change to be more comfortable with themselves, build skills to make healthy connections with others, and use art as a way to process their life experiences.

Boys and Girls Aid

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Visit our YouTube channel to see all of our video content. And let us know if there's anything you'd like to see there!

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