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Welcome to the Pack

Rogue Pack facilitates storytelling theatre workshops for underserved youth. Our staff of theatre artists helps them write their stories and aids them in developing a script. The teens write, organize, edit, and direct their stories—the entire rehearsal process. 

We differ from other youth organizations because of our focus. We allow underserved youth to tell their stories through song, dance, or comedy. They engage wherever they feel most passionate. Performing, working behind the scenes, or telling their story through drawing. RP asks youth what they would like to learn within the story process, then makes it possible. 

The process of writing and staging their stories strengthens their ability to connect. Audiences then gain an understanding of children who are usually seen as “acting out.” It also provides a broader range of universal life skills.

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What can telling stories accomplish?

Raise morale by providing youth with an educational experience. Encouraging them to continue the path toward higher education.

Enhance their educational development. By engaging in group-skill building, children establish communication and interpersonal skills.

Find a voice. With bold honesty, children build resiliency. In a nurturing class setting, children can be themselves without judgment.

Improve their writing and project development skills through the staging of their stories. This improves their writing, reading, and public speaking. Useful for any future professional.

Connect with the community. We are opening up a dialogue with the audience with talkbacks after performances. We give voice where there has been silence.

Who Runs With The Pack?

As the program grows each year, so does the cultural access. Cultural diversity and artistic expression promote understanding, support, and connectedness throughout the community. 

Our leaders, guest artists, and board include people of all backgrounds. Our youth-board diversifies the ages of our leadership team.

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